A collection of writings on grimoire magic, Afro-Caribbean traditions and demonic (goetic) evocation.   Several of the authors offer new translations of original texts. Each newly-translated grimoire text is accompanied by an account explaining it, analysing it, and offering an account of working with it. This book offers the reader both previously-unavailable source material and also a way to connect to others working in the goetic-sorcerery line of occult practice. It is edited by Jake Stratton-Kent, Dis Albion and Erzebet Carr - some of the most exciting people working in this way in Britain today.

 Table of Contents
'Becoming the Green Mystery'  - Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold
'Jesus Malverde: Angel of the Poor' -Jamie Alexzander
'The Grimoire of Armadel: A Meeting with Betel ' - Susanne Iles
'The Testament of Solomon' - Jake Stratton-Kent
'The Grimoire of Saint Cyprian or The Prodigies of the Devil' - Jos Leito
'The Love Spells of the Petit Albert' Talia Felix
'Cities of Life and Death'  - Gavin The Fox Marriner
'Against the Interim: A Guide to Cutting Out Bureaucracies with Cut-Up, Trance, and Pain' - Kent Cockerell
'The Three Purifiers: The Asperging Herbs of the True Grimoire' -Alexander Cummins
'The Saint, the Magus, and the Devil' -Humberto Maggi

Glastonbury: Hadean Press,  2013. Paperback, 193 pages.

Conjure Codex 2 [Grimoire]