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Cult of Golgatha - Craig Williams


Montréal: Anathema Publishing, 2018. Hardback, 210 pages. New.

Craig Williams' Cult of Golgatha introduces the reader to a radically different approach to contemporary occult practice. A masterful blend of Tantra, Pagan Gnosticism and Esoteríc  Voudon, this finely-produced book offers a a glimpse into  the window of the laboratory of the soul. Eschewing simplistic rituals, this book instead presents an in-depth exploration of the primordial gnosis and the required steps to undertake the journey of spiritual metamorphosis. Whilst not an easy book to read, Cult of Golgatha will be of great value to explorers of the Typhonian current and the Esoteric Voudon expounded by Michael Bertiaux.


Limited hand-numbered edition of 550 copies. Gold foil blocking on spine and cover, printed on 160m archival-grade paper. With illlustrations throughout by Murk Jelena.