During the height of the turned-on 1960s and '70s occult explosion, even the under-the-counter men's magazines got in on the act and began a surreal exploration of the haunting netherworld of witchcraft and satanism. These int turn inspired bands in the doom/black/heavy metal genre, eventually occult erotica made its way onto record covers and T-shirts. This large format 384-pages deluxe hardcover book brings back to life these magazine images and other related artifacts from that bygone era, promoting sexual revolution, freedom and with it --- witchcraft.  It is also an important source for anyone wanting to understand Wicca and the occult during the 1960s and 1970s.  Limited edition of 1000 copies.

N.l.:  S.S.C./Grim Roar, 2019. Hardcover, 384 pages.

Debauched: Witchcraft and Devilry Vol. 1