Antony Clayton has revised and expanded his wonderful book in a new softback edition. Decadent London: fin-de-siecle City is a lush and readable wander through culture, entertainment, and underworld of the great city at the turn of the twentieth century. Clayton writes like an angel, so following him as he introduces people and places is like taking a leisurely walk through the town with a dear friend who knows everyone: Oscar Wilde, Arthur Symons, Aubrey Beardsley, Frank Harris and Ernest Dowson. He takes you into the artistic underground, showing people's excessively louche lifestyles: you visit the Crown and the Cock, the Cheshire Cheese, the Café Royal and wander West to Bedford Park. Then into the occult world of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley. The black and white illustrations and photos are generously spread through the pages of the book. 

 Our copies are kindly signed by the author, who has come to be a friend of Treadwell's down the years. 

Hastings: Accumulator Press, 2019 (2005). 395 pages, softback.

Decadent London - Antony Clayton (signed)