Black Letter Press's latest release is a visual book, a gorgeous item presenting Hans Holbein's woodcuts of 'the dance of death', with the titles and captions translated by Jan Düsterhöft.  Holbein was part way through his series in 1526, when his woodcutter Lützelburger died. The partially-completed printing blocks ended up with the Lyon publisher Melchior Trechsel, who issued them only twelve years later under the title Les simulachres & historiees faces de la mort. This new Black Letter Press edition proudly presents the full set of woodcuts, with the Kindergruppen and a 'death alphabet (Totentanzalphabet). All were drawn by Holbein and cut by Lützelburger. It's a death-themed work of great beauty. 

    The book, in small format (10 x 16 cm), is beautiful, as Black Letter Press fans will expect. It is a hardback, bound in black geltex, gilt upper board and spine; black endpapers and headbands, sewn book-block, with pages printed on 115 gram wood-free, age-resistant cream paper.  Black ribbon. This first edition is limited to 250 hand-numbered copies. 


Germany: Black Letter Press, 2020. Hardback, 171 pages. First edition, limited.



Der Totentanz - Hans Holbein ['The Death Dance'] - Black Letter Press