This is a set of images on 182 stereoscopic cards dating from 1860 France. They were created originally, in the mid-19th century, to show a satirical view of hell, namely the French state under the tyrannical rule of Napoleon III. 

           The full set of 3-D cards show funny skeletons, satyrs, demons, odd characters, the Devil himself, and scantily clad ladies. These characters are situated in scenes of sex, fire, torture and every variety of licentious behavior.  This set of cards is surely one of 19th-century France's weirdest and creepiest creations, and it has been meticulously researched and restored by Brian May.

       The set is presented in a handsome slipcase making it an excellent gift for oneself or a friend. Full title Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventure in Hell (new complete edition). Included are a pair of 3D spectacle viewers designed by May. 

London: London Stereoscopic Company, 2019. Hardback, 280 pages. New. 



Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell

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