John Callow is one of the few historians of witchcraft who spans the medieval and modern eras with equal command. In this book he takes on a set of case studies, each of which epitomises the understanding of what 'the witch' has meant to various of Europe's communities. He traces the events from past to their afterechoes in modern culture, considers their artistic presentations, and perceptively argues for their wider meaning to those involved, and those who learnt of them later.  Callow offers deep exploration and original insights analysis delivered in a warm, engaging style. The episodes: 

the witch-hunt at Bamberg

the witchcraft in The Golden Ass 

Albrecht Durer's 'witchcraft' portrait

Salvator Rosa's witchcraft paintings

the case of Urbain Grandier 

Isobel Gowdie and Scottish witch trials

the fairy-tale witches the Brothers Grimm

the 1970s Robert Lenkiewicz Plymouth mural

Paganism in Richard Carpenter's 'Herne the Hunter' television programme 


London: I.B.Tauris & Co, Ltd, 2017. Hardback, 262 pages. New. Signed copy.


Embracing the Darkness- John Callow (signed)