Spanish jurist Francisco Torreblanca Villalpando of Cordoba first published this book on magic in 1618, with this second edition following in 1678.  The work is interesting - and important - for several reasons. Firstly, Torreblanca was Advocate Royal in the Grenada courts; an influential demonologist, it was he who had established and defined the official witchcraft doctine of the Church (his Daemonologia),  doctrine which then prevailed in Catholic countries.  This text was also written on the Iberian peninsula, and arises from Spanish culture of the early seventeenth century; moreoever, it is a fascinating assemblage of dream interpretation, folk practices, astrology and fortunetelling, together with demonology and demon-summoning. Notably, natural magic and demonic magic are presented without distinction. It offers the reader an elevated judicial demonolgist's view of magical practices he would have known about from the society around him, elements of occult folk culture and more homespun witchcraft beliefs. This copy is bound in limp vellum and is truly a volume to be treasured.



Epitome delictorum, sive de Magia: in qua aperta vel occulta invocatio daemonis intervenit; Francisco Torreblanca Villalpando.

Lyon: Sumpt. Joannis Antonij Huguetan, 1678, 4to, 576pp., [108] pp., plus index. Bound in contemporary limp vellum with title in old manuscript to spine. Title page printed in red and black with engraved device, headpieces, initials and ornaments. Later endpapers. Printed in Latin, largely in double column, with variable browning, spotting and staining commensurate with age throughout. Some very slight worming at lower margins confined to index. A beautiful copy of a truly fascinating and important work.

Epitome Delictorum, sive de Magica 'Summary of Sins, or On Magic' - Torreblanca