Proclus is a particularly special thinker in the Platonic tradition, and this volume offers several significant writings of his. The translation is that of the famed English Platonist, Thomas Taylor, whose translations are valued by many.  Contents:

  • On Providence, Fate, and That Which is in our Power
  • Ten Doubts Concerning Providence, and Their Solution
  • On the Subsistence of Evil, (By 'subsistence' Taylor means 'substantial reality')
  • Remaining Fragments of Lost Works of Proclus 

All of the above are given with the relevant pagination and extensive footnotes. Following these, several other texts are also included:

  • Marinus' Life of Proclus
  • Seven recently-discovered hymns and prayers of Thomas Taylor


N.l.: Prometheus Trust. Hardback, 280 pages. New.


Essays and Fragments of Proclus