Famed folklorist, who is most known for Aradia: Gospel of the Witches, here presents collection of folk tales from ancient and medieval Italy. Written in the 1890s for a general, rather than a scholarly audience, Leland describes ancient spirits, fairies and deities, records spells, invocations and prayers, discusses walnut witches, wizard saints, and a goddess of truffles. He recounts incantations and examples of gypsy sorcery. Illustrated with many black and white drawings of classical beings, this is a fine work of folkloric assemblage from across Italy. This book is an important source for the wider background to the Wiccan revival and to Gerald Gardner's ideas on what constituted witchcraft as old religious belief. 

London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1892. Hardback, vi+385 pages.

Condition. Good condition, one loose page. Some spotting on pages, wear on covers and page edges.


Etruscan Roman Remains in Popular Tradition - Charles Leland