Fertility Dolls - Lorraine Clarke (signed)


 This fine art book features 50 full-colour plates of Clarke's sculptural fertility dolls and fetishes, in high quality reproduction.  Clarke's work is potent primal magical art, informed by research into rites and traditions, belief systems, religion, anthropology; it addresses atavistic need, the medical world and the human condition.  

Lorraine Clarke is a visual artist with degrees in Fine Art and Art & Psychopathology. She lived and worked in Italy for nineteen years before returning to the UK to found Euroart Studios (& Gallery) in London in 2002. She has curated exhibitions including 'Medical Edge' and the first 'Euroart Live Festival.'

Evesham: Hot Hive, 2010. Hardback, 100 pages. New. Signed by the artist-author.



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