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Subtitled The Manual of Psychedelic Ceremony, this new book from highly respected occult author Julian Vayne explores the practicalities of using psychedelic substances in spiritual progression, self-transformation and magic. This is a very welcome book, as despite the key role played by psychedelic substances in magical and spiritual traditions, there has been, until now, a dearth of information on how to use them practically and sensitively in one's own spiritual journey.


Written in a down-to-earth, practical style, Getting Higher provides an excellent guide to anyone setting out to use psychedelics as part of their personal journey, with tips on appropriate preparatory exercises, outlines for group ceremonies, and how to become acquainted with the peculiarities of particular substances. From the benefits of safe words and sensual enjoyments to meditation, divination, power animals and cultivating a culture of trust, this book is a must for any budding psychonaut! Julian Vayne is the author of several books on magic and a regular workshop leader at Treadwell's.


London: Psychedelic Press, 2017. Paperback, 126 pages. New.

Getting Higher - Julian Vayne