This work, only recently back in print, is masterpiece of a British female surrealist writer, artist and practicing occultist recently being rediscovered. In this first novel, a young woman engineers her escape from her sinister attentions of her uncle, a black magician who is trying to defeat death. The novel is structured  alchemically, with each chapter themes on a stage in the Great Work. Occult themes resound throughout, and it shows particularly clearly Colquhoun's abiding interest in gender transformation and the creative powers and energies of women. This edition is illustrated with five colour plates of the artist's alchemical paintings, and including forewords by Peter Owen and biographer Richard Shillitoe

London: Peter Owen Publishers, 2018. Hardback with dustjacket, 144 pages. New.

Goose of Hermogenes - Ithell Colquhoun