The concept of Hauntology first emerged in the '90s, and has now entered the cultural mainstream as a shorthand for an obsession with the recent past. But where does this term come from and what exactly does it mean?


Coverley's book seeks to answer these questions by examining the history of our fascination with the uncanny, from Dickens to Derrida, MR James to Mark Fisher; from the rise of Spiritualism to the folk horror revival, Hauntology traces our continuing engagement with these esoteric ideas. Moving between the literary and the theoretical, the visual and the political, Hauntology explores our nostalgia for the cultural artefacts of a past from which we seem unable to break free.


Harpenden, Oldcastle Books, 2020. Paperback. 299 pp.

Hauntology: Ghosts of Futures Past - Merlin Coverley