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Heart of Faerie Oracle


The art of acclaimed faerie artist Brian Froud  is the feature of this oracle set, which is advertised as the follow-up to his 'bestselling The Fairies' Oracle' being centred upon 'how the wisdome of faerie transforms life and relationships.' It is a boxed set consiting of 68-card deck plus a 160-page book. The artist created the oracle with his artist partner Wendy Froud. It is a collectors item which is sought after by fans of the evocative fey artwork. 


Deck is of 68 full colour cards, with a double-heart motif on the backs. The accompanying hardback book is 160 pages on tan paper. The box is brown, illustrated, and top-opening; the interior gold card is formed into an inset for the deck. Deck is in mint condition, the box is in VG condition. 


Publication:  New York: Abrams [n.d.], printed in China.