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The latest issue of Hellebore has arrived brimming with folklore, history, and much more all focused on the theme of animals.


This issue of Hellebore begins with an editorial detailing the way in which the presence of animals and the observance of them creates a deeply moving and even magical feeling for many. Animals contribute to our understanding of the world in a multitude of ways, and the articles included in this zine contribute to a greater understanding of how animals have shaped folklore and altered historical practices. From an essay on wrens in the novel Wylding Hall to an article on the use of toad bones in East Anglian folk practice, this issue presents a broad range of information on how fauna shape perceptions both fictional and real.


Contents include:


  • Editorial

  • Running With Hares by Elizabeth Dearnley

  • The King of the Cats by Timothy Grieve-Carlson

  • The Wrens of Wylding Hall by Katy Soar

  • Gallery/Water Beasts by Maria J Pérez Cuervo

  • England’s Last Raven by Kristof Smeyers

  • Into the Lair of the Worm by John A Riley

  • The Toad’s Bone by Justin Hopper

  • To Dream of the Horned One by Elizabeth Sulis Kim


Printed on silk coated paper. Perfect binding. A5. 92 pages. New.

Hellebore #11: The Animal Issue