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Infernal Dictionary [Grimoire] - De Plancy


De Plancy's grand work, first published 1818, is on demons in their hierarchies, with descriptions of the special powers of each spirit. The reader learns each demon's name, appearance, personality and - of course - what tasks it can do for the magician. This is a hugely important work on demonology, which every serious goetic magician owns. This fine edition -- in English translation -- is in two volumes, slipcased, and includes the 69 famous demon illustrations done by Le Breton.  In addition to the main text, this edition gives extra demonic guides, indexes, and an essay on the demonic sabbat. It also boasts 82 impressive colour plates by a contemporary artis, illustrated end papers, and a ribbon bookmark. 

Abracax House, 2015-16. Hardback, slipcased (2 vols), 764 pages.