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Inside Solar Lodge: Behind the Veil - Frater Shiva

Los Lunas, NM: Desert Star Temple, 2012. Hardback, xxxviii 311 pages. New. Limited Edition of 111 copies. Subtitled 
True Tales of Initiation and Inner Adventure, Frater Shiva's
Inside Solar Lodge: Behind the Veil is a remarkable account of one of recent American occult history's most influential and misunderstood magical groups - the Solar Lodge. Inaugurated in the early 1960s, the Solar Lodge was an important part of the Los Angeles occult community throughout the psychedelic era. By 1967 the order owned several properties, including a well-equipped desert retreat. In 1969 a huge fire destroyed this complex, and in July of that year, a police raid saw thirteen members of the order arrested, ostensibly for the mistreatment of a child, but this was quickly revealed to be a pretext to discredit the group. There followed a period where the leaders of the group were hunted by the F.B.I.
Inside Solar Lodge: Behind the Veil, told by former Solar Lodge Frater Shiva, covers the history of the Solar lodge from its rise to its denouement; a fascinating glimpse into the life and activity of a contemporary magical order.