Isle of Man Studies XVI [Gerald Gardner] - John Callow (signed by the author)


Gerald Gardner is the subject of Dr John Callow's 31-page cover article, just released July 2019, in the latest issue of Isle of Man Studies. The museum was the physical centre of Gardner's coven life on the Isle, and it was also the centre of his vision for promoting the craft; historian Dr John Callow tells the story in depth for the first time, with anecdotes and quotes from correspondence. He also thoughtfully examines 'Old Gerald's' understanding of the Craft - how Gardner felt it should present itself, what values were central to it, and how it was to flourish on the Isle and beyond.

      Callow writes eloquently and sometimes even movingly, with a command of the material matched only by his sympathy for the people and the place. A profoundly important article in craft history, illustrated with nine colour photographs on semi-gloss paper in a larger-format journal. The article's full title is, 'New Magic at the Old Mill: Gerald Gardner, the Manx Museum of Witchcraft, and the Fashioning of the Wica' and it spans pages 93 - 124.

IoM: Isle of Man Natural History Society, 2019. Paperback, 208 pages. New




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