One of the earliest surviving Marseille-style tarot decks, the Dodal Marseille deck was created c. 1701-1715. Noted French artist-scholar Jean-Claude Flornoy created and printed this restored edition of the deck after decades of research on the oldest Marseille decks (the Noblet, the Vieville, the Dodal and the Conver). His decks are collectors items. The Dodal's woodcut art is vivid and powerful, and it features several distinctive iconographic details: 

  • the angel in the Lovers card is blindfolded
  • the maiden in the Star card is pregnant
  • the figure of Temperance is bare-breasted
  • one child in the Sun card is blind

Flornoy's accompanying booklet explores the symbolic meanings of these variants. 

France: Editions Letarot. 78 cards, in cardboard box. Includes 64-page booklet. New.

Dodal Marseille Tarot Deck - Flornoy