The published work of British occultist Kenneth Grant spanned six decades. His influence on modern occultism cannot be overstated. This book, which details all known publications up until the end of 2014, is an important contribution to the history of Western Esotericism. In this second edition, bibliographical details are supplied for all the major works.

   Included are details of not only the books (many translated into a number of languages) but also the essays, articles and ephemera such as the flyers. With a survey by Henrik Bogdan of Grant's development, a Preface by Steffi Grant and a Foreword by Martin P. Starr, this book is sure to become the standard volume of reference for details of Grant's work.

  It is lavishly illustrated. A first section of colour plates consists of plates selected from Grant's work along with some previously-unseen items. A second section is made up of colour plates of the front covers of scarcer published works.

 London, UK: Starfire Publishing, 2015. Hardback, 97 pages. New.

Kenneth Grant: A Bibliography - Henrik Bogdan