Anna-Marie Ferguson's Arthurian Tarot, issued by Llewellyn first in 1995, is here offered in a rare boxed set of the second printing of the Second Edition, 1996, in mint condition. The set comes with 'A Keeper of Words' the original 245 page guidebook written and illustrated by Ferguson, and the layout mat, also as new.

     This deck's imagery is taken from Arthurian myth - characters like Percivale and the Lady of the Lake are given to the arcana, and the booklet describes both the card's meaning in terms of tarot and also says something about the Celtic myth's character. The minor arcana are illustrated with scenes from the tales, too: the five of swords, for example, shows 'Gawain's penance'.  A truly stunning rare boxed deck for the collector with a love of things Celtic.


Legend: Arthurian Tarot: Anna-Marie Ferguson. USA: Llewellyn, 1996 (1995) Second Edition.


ISBN 10: 1-56718-267-4


Cards, guidebook and layout mat in mint condition, box shows minor signs of wear, but still in great condition considering its age. Cards are approx 11.5 x 7 cms. Includes one Dragon card. Card backs feature a labyrinth design on a purple background. A very collectible deck for a lover of Celtic myth and magick.

Legend: Arthurian Tarot - Anna-Marie Ferguson. 1996 Second Edition Boxed Set