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Stories and folklore from across Ireland collected by Lady Wilde, mother of writer Oscar Wilde and a well-known author in her own right.


This is a collection of stories, legends and magical charms from across Ireland, compiled by Lady Francesca Speranza Wilde, mother of Oscar Wilde, in 1887. The material drawn together here form a fascinating view of the traditional folklore and local magic of nineteenth-century Ireland: there is a diverse selection of tales that feature fairies, witches, and superstitions about the dead; there is folklore around the different seasonal festivals; a section of legends featuring animals; stories of saints, fairy power and holy wells; also included is a wide selection of magical charms and remedies, including medical charms for various health conditions, spells to tame horses, win love or combat sorrow. This is a collection that will be of interest to anyone interested in Irish folklore, and the magical, spiritual landscape of nineteenth-century Ireland.


New York: Dover, 2006. Paperback, 347 pages. New.

Legends, Charms and Superstitions of Ireland - Lady Wilde