The first biography of one of 20th-century London's most flamboyant occultists is now out in this second, expanded edition.  Julia Phillips, an assiduous researcher, has uncovered the twisting turns of Madeline Montalban's life (1910-1982), as well as expounding her occult workings, her concept of magic, her affinity with Lucifer, her Order of the Morning Start, and her methods of teaching.

        The 'magus of St Giles' lived near the British Museum in Central London and knew everyone in the occult scene.  One footnote to her life is that --  as a money-job -- she edited one of Gerald Gardner's books when it was in it typescript form. One may also note that the system of 'Hermetics' practised by some in the Alexandrian Craft owe a debt to her.  Phillips has done a great service in producing this book for posterity, which serves to remind the reader of the potency of a magical life lived to the full. Signed by the Author

London: Neptune Press, 2015 (2012) second expanded edition. Paperback, 130 pages. New.  

Madeline Montalban - Julia Phillips (Signed)