Subtitled 'Sexual Practices for Magical Powers,' this seminal nineteenth-century work is by African-American doctor and occultist Paschal Beverly Randolph (1825-1875).  Randolph is credited with pioneering the idea of erotic alchemy (sex magic) in North America. In this book Randoph lays outin meticulous detail of his understanding of the science of sex magic, which we know was practised in his orders, The Brotherhood of Eulis and The Hermetic Brotherhood of Light. He wrote this book as a manual for students,  and thus it gives his specific instructions on such things as how to perform sex magic rituals, how to charge effigies so as to control the poeple they repesented, and how to enliven objects such as paintings. Randolph also lays out his methods for creating 'fluid condensers' so as to imbue magical talismans with specific planetary forces. The historic and ground-breaking work survived solely through Maria de Naglowska's French translation, here translated into English for th modern reader. 

Canada: Inner Traditions, 2012. Paperback, 173 pages. New.


Magia Sexualis - PB Randolph and M de Naglowska