Lisa Marie Basile has done it again. Her first book took the witch world by storm, and this new release is equally powerful. This is a guide to thinking, reflecting, acting and writing. Her reflective words lead into suggested writing exercises and simple rites - so that the magical life is gently lured into manifestation, in a profoundly individualised way, unique to each person. Basile shares moments from her own life story and her own magical journey, thus offering herself as a friend to the reader, as well as serving as a guide. Recommended highly: this is a book some of us wish existed for us when we were new - and it will serve us equally well as experienced practitioners. Lisa Marie Basile is an American writer and witch. She is author of the acclaimed Light Magic for Dark Times.

    The book itself is a handsome hardback, with marbled design endpapers. The page layout is attractive and there are black and white drawings throughout, as well as a few colour-accented pages. 

Beverly, MA: Quarto, 2020. Hardback, 176 pages. New.


Magical Writing Grimoire - Lisa Marie Basile