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Magister Officiorum - Julio Cesar Ody (paperback)

London, Scarlet Imprint: 2018. Bibliothque Rouge edition. Paperback, xx 60 pages. New. 
Magister Officiorum is nothing less than an essential text for the practice of Solomonic magic. The result of patient and prolonged magical work informed by not only the Western Esoteric Tradition, Espiritismo and Obeah. Julio Cesar Ody gives clear and concise instructions for the ritual processes and methods by which success in evocation - which is understood as a physical interaction between magician and spirit - may be ensured. He covers a wide range of techniques - such as how to bottle spirits, and how to obtain a patron spirit under the auspices of Lucifer, as well as concise explanations on the use of a magical circle, ritual tools and regalia, and the importance of ritual purity. With examples of rituals for both solo and group deployment,
Magister Officiorum is a valuable work for both advanced students and novitiates alike. Essential for anyone working Solomonic Magic in the modern world.