Mandragora - Ruby Sara, ed. SIGNED


This collection of esoteric poetry from Scarlet Imprint showcases 48 poems and nine essays. The many voices are from a rich diversity of practice. The poems in this anthology dive deep into the mysteries, evoking angelic dreams, the feral grace of visions born in the depths of the earth and the stars of space. Some names are familiar, and some entirely new. Among the more well-known are the award-winning Peter Dube, the surrealist Stuart Inman, and California's T. Thorn Coyle. The newer names present surprisingly strong work, which is a tribute to them and to the collection's editor, Ruby Sara.

Poetry offers a haunted a doorway into the other worlds, and indeed into the worlds of others. Language is an invocation, an these works do indeed invoke. This is a sequel to the equally wonderful first in the series, Datura.

UK: Scarlet Imprint, 2012. Paperback,  249 pages.  New.  SIGNED.



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