First published  in England in1959, this is one of Gerald Gardner's two books introducing Wicca to the world. Though little read today, is one of the most influential books on modern witchcraft,  because many readers who were inspired when it first came out  wrote to the author seeking initiation and teaching. It is a charming read, not least because it conveys the author's warm personality and every-curious seeker's mind. It was co-written with Doreen Valiente, though she did not receive a credit as author, as she was 'in the closet' at the time: her hand is seen in the down-to-earth second half of the book especially.  Gardnerian Craft initiates will find in it nuggets of insight into their own tradition, so for them especially Treadwell's recommends it highly, feeling it is a book that is tragically under-read. Chapters:

Witch's Memories and Beliefs

The Stone Age Origins of Witchcraft


Magic Thinking

Curious Beliefs about Witches

Signs and Symbols

The Black Mass

Some Allegations Examined

Newburyport: Weiser, 2004. Paperback, 272 pages. New.


Meaning of Witchcraft - Gerald Gardner