This is the first biography of the artist-writer-activist who is rightly be called a mother of the feminist spirituality movement. Monica Sjoo was born in Sweden, but lived her adult life in Britain: first in London then in the West Country. Her paintings, large-scale and demanding, are so iconic of the 1970s British goddess movement as to be instantly recognisable.  Rupert White's careful, detailed narrative of her life is built on her letters and her journals, and as such we encounter up close her engagement with sacred sites, protests, friendships, children, bereavement, disappointments and creative determination.  An important work in the history of feminism,  goddess spirituality and queer history (Sjoo identified as bisexual).  The book is heavily illustrated with black-and-white images of snapshots and photographs of Sjoo's life and artworks.

N.l.: Antenna, 2018. Paperback, 282 pages. New.

Monica Sjoo: Life and Letters 1958-2005