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Essays on women throughout history who influenced the occult community.


Muses No More sheds light on a wide range of female occult practitioners, telling their stories in order from most recent death (Margot Adler) to least recent (Isobel Gowdie). The reverse chronology of this book provides a perspective that humanises even those individuals who have little reliable documentation, providing a sense of unity across the chapters. In approximately ten pages per chapter, Blyth manages a depth of understanding and research that is insightful and illuminating, providing a quick pace without sacrificing context. A second, shorter part of the book contains rituals and practices inspired by each woman included in the text. Each practice is prefaced with a short introduction demonstrating the connection between the practice and the woman represented by it.


N.L.: Hexen Press, 2023. Paperback, 203 pages. New.

Muses No More (PB) - Ùna Maria Blyth