NeoHoodoo: Art for a Forgotten Faith explores the work of 33 artists from North, Central and South America who use elements of hoodoo in their work -- whether as a celebration, a catharsis or a political critique. Beautifully illustrated, with 88 colour and 7 black and white illustrations, NeoHoodoo  includes with essays and interviews in addition to art. 

'NeoHooDoo' is a term coined in the 1960s by the poet Ishmael Reed for practice of rituals, folklore and spirituality in the Americas beyond the confines of Christianity and organized religion, and so the editors use the term as a guide for inclusion, so the works included are not all from the African-American conjure tradition, but are more broadly ethnically informed.  This book is a must for anyone with an interest in contemporary esoteric-influenced art.

New Haven: The Yale University Press. 2008. Large-format hardback with dustjacket, 144 pages. New.

NeoHooDoo - (ed) Franklin Sirmans