This fascinating book tells the story of a remarkable guest house in Hastings where Aleister Crowley "the wickedest man in the world" spent his final years. It was a bohemian retreat and it was here Crowley passed his days playing chess, injecting heroin and receiving visitors such as Kenneth Grant, Gerald Gardner, and Augustus John. Netherwood is an enthralling piece of cultural history, uncovering much new information about Crowley's final years, his friends and associates, and the intellectual milieu in which they moved. Netherwood is an essential purchase for anyone interested in the life and work of Aleister Crowley, or the counter-cultural milieu twentieth-century Britain, or even the occult history of Hastings. Introduction by David Tibet. Twenty-four pages of black and white illustration, plus four colour plates.

London: Accumulator Press, 2017. Second (revised) edition. Hardback, xii 227 pages. New.  Limited edition of 500 copies, including frontispiece and 3 inserts not included in the first edition. This edition is signed by the author.

Netherwood: Last Resort of Aleister Crowley - A gentleman of Hastings (Signed)