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Inaugural issue of a new independent zine, dedicated to the occulture of the sixties and seventies.


Occulture is a new independent zine dedicated to occulture and its themes: its subtitle is A Warning to the Curious, pointing to the subcultural and fringe topics that it touches upon. The inaugural issue is centred on the sixties and seventies, and the contributions include a piece on Aleister Crowley's influence on sixties counterculture; a history of witchcraft on vinyl; a commentary on snuff films; a picture feature on the occult aesthetics of the period; and many others. This is a fascinating zine that will appeal greatly to those interested in the occulture of the time.


London: Occulture, 2023. Paperback, 62 pages. New.

Occulture, Volume 1: Sixties and Seventies [Zine]