Subtitled 'One Hundred Objects from the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic, this is a book of art photography of Sara Hannant, who did a remarkable project studying objects in Cornwall's Museum of Witchcraft and Magic. She renders haunting images of the museum's uncanny dark objects: dolls, wands, statues, daggers, amulets and bottles. There are objects both specially-crafted and repurposed from everyday use, items bequeathed from magical practitioners such as Gerald Gardner and Aleister Crowley, and things which have crept in from the nursery such as Victorian mechanical automata and china dolls.  It is a lush volume of striking works from an acclaimed photographer. With over 120 images in colour and monochrome, a living testamen to the material culture of witchcraft and magical practice in Britain. Written contributions from Simon Costin, an introduction by Ronald Hutton.

London: Strange Attractor, 2016. Softcover, 240 pages. New.

Of Shadows - Sara Hannant & Simon Costin