Subtitled Spellwork & Herbcraft in the British Isles, Nigel Pennick in this book takes the reader on a journey  from the middle ages to the present daytoday.  He concentrates on the forms of witchcraft practised by rural tradespeople such as blacksmiths and herbalists, examining traditional sources to explain the use of witches' familiars, spells, charms and incantations, the witch's tools and the creation of amulets. Pennick also  looks at the contentious relationships with other institutions and movements, including the Christian Church, West Indian Obeah, and modern paganism's Wicca. Both practical guide and history, Operative Witchcraft is a great book for anyone interested in traditional witchcraft in Britain.

Rochester: Destiny Books, 2019. Paperback, 200 pages. New.


Operative Witchcraft - Nigel Pennick