The scent of opoponox (pronounced 'Oh-po-POE-nux') is an earthy, savoury one. Like all incense resins, it is in fact tree-sap from a particular aromatic tree. What is distinctive about opoponox is its unusual, almost meaty, aroma.

   Like all gums/resins, opoponix is burned loose on charcoals, a pinch at a time (see how-to video).  Also like most gums / resins, it is not attributed with a particular magical property. It can be burned on its ownbut it is not especially pleasant on its own.  If it is used in an incense recipe, a tiny amont is added as a base note, a more savoury touch, which gives depth to airy, floral blends.

30 ml jar.

Opoponox (incense resin)