Subtitled, 'The Divine Feminine in African Religious Traditions', this long awaited book offers a readable, intelligent path into the female powers - divine and human - in the African diaspora traditions. Lilith Dorsey is a priestess of Lucumi (also called Santeria) and an established Voodoo priestess, so her writing is grounded in long personal experience as well as wider research. The book interweaves Dorsey's introductions to the powers with practical recipes and simple workings. Throughout, she shows sensitivity to the cultures and traditions from which these come. It is both informative and practical; it is inclusively feminist as well as deeply respectful of Black culture. 

        Chapter headings:  Get in Touch with the Goddesses...; Oshun; Yemaya; Oya; Nana Buruku; Mama Wata; Erzulie; Aida Wedo; La Sirene; Annie Christmas and Maman Brigitte; Marie Laveau; Pomba Gira and Santa Muerte. Appendices cover herbs for the orishas, sacred dirt, crystals, sacred symbols.


Newburyport MA: Weiser, 2020. Paperback, 226 pages. New.


Orishas, Goddesses and Voodoo Queens - Lilith Dorsey