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Outer Gateways - Kenneth Grant

London, UK: Starfire Publishing, 2015. Hardback, 280 pages. New. This is Starfire's long-awaited re-issue of the Kennath Grant Typhonian Classic. Grant explores primal grimoire the unfamiliar spirit and the fourth power of the sphinx along with aspects of dream control and the wisdom of S'lba. The volume beast high-production values and decorated end-papers. Here is Grant moving through magic and beyond to his controversial view of human evolution and the ultimate goal of Undivided Consciousness.As Aleister Crowley's last magical student at Netherwood in the 1940's, Kenneth Grant has upheld a proud occult tradition through a lifetime of study practice and writing. In this volume of the Typhonian Trilogies heis not only for experienced students of the occult; it is also excellent for those who are new to Grant's work.