This is an initiate's account of a tradition whose central mystery is the cauldron containing the human skull or bones, re-animated by living spirit. The author traces the roots of Palo Mayombe back to Congolese sorcery, then follows it as it is carried in chains to Cuba where it flourishes to this day.  He has been able to draw upon rare materials, pamphlets, and unpublished field notes  to make this the most comprehensive study of Palo Mayombe to date. It aso outlines workings of the tradition, divination, the herbs, animals, powders, baths and waters, and chants. Frisvold is a student and initiate of African and Afro-derived cults in the New World.

Scarlet Imprint, 2010. Softcover, 225 pages. New.

Palo Mayombe (PB) - Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold