Subtitled, 'Alchemical Images in Dreams', this booklet by alchemical symbolism expert Paul Cowlan is an excellent introduction to alchemical meanings, by way of personal anecdote and memoir of the author's remarkable dream experiences. He gives illustrations from original artwork throughout, for easy reference. By using own dream life as a jumping-off point, he succeds in taking the reader into the important iconographic images which pervade alchemical manuscripts, so by the end of this enjoyable read the reader feels confident enough to go further. 

        Paul Cowlan is a regular tutor at Treadwell's and some of his lectures are available on Treadwell's online lecture subscription (see Treadwell's Online on our website).

Frankfurt: Alembic. 2011. Stapled booklet, 80 pages. New. Signed by the author. 

Pictures in the Book of Sleep [Alchemy] - Paul Cowlan (signed)