Poppets and Magical Dolls - Lucya Starza


Poppets and Magical Dolls is a short clear book which covers the history and practical use of magical poppets and dolls in sympathetic magic, witchcraft and spellcrafting. Concise and clear,  Lucy Starza takes the reader through a wide variety of magical dolls: dolls for seasonal celebrations such as the Brigid doll, woven from reeds or grain stalks and used in spring festivals; fairy dolls for tree dressing at Yuletide; spirit and ancestor dolls; and dolls used to represent mythological beings and creatures from folklore. She explains how to make poppets and dolls from a variety of materials; how to incorporate colour and other symbolism, and methods of enchanting them; and gives sound advice on how to use them for practical magical purposes such as healing, luck and success.

Winchester: Moon Books, 2018. Paperback, 98 pages. New.



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