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An English edition of the Botica Preciosa, a Catholic 'grimoire' compiled by an 18th-century Brazilian missionary.


The Botica Preciosa appears at first glance to be a collection of Catholic prayers, litanies and instructions, but on closer inspection reveals aims and purposes that are closer to those of folk magic – remedies, cures, charms and exorcisms. José Leitão is a scholar of magic and author who has translated this deeply pragmatic manual, originally compiled by the Brazilian missionary Ângelo de Sequeira. This book will be of particular interest to Catholics and other Christians with an interest in magic, and those with a practice – such as grimoire work  that is situated within a Christian framework. 


London: Avalonia, 2020. Paperback, 354 pages. New.

Precious Apothecary [Folk Magic; Religion] - José Leitão