This new anthology explores LGBTQIA approaches to magic and spirituality, and its contributions are clearly forged in the fires of recent movements such as Black Lives Matter, Time's Up and Me Too.
Editors Lee Harrington and Tai Fenix Kulystin have gathered contributions from North American practitioners of diverse traditions including Wicca, Vodou, Tantra and Heathenry.
Contributors look at the cisgender, heteronormative biases to which their respective traditions have cleaved, and then offer viable alternatives and potent reframings. Queer Magic is part musing on inclusivity, part hands-on sourcebook; it is diverse in form, containing interviews, visual art and essays.
Subtitled 'Power Beyond Boundaries', the book's palpable vitality is in its radical queer energy, taking the reader through byways of practice, from drag queen magic to tantric BDSM, to trancestor contact workings.


Anchorage, AK: Mystic Productions Press, 2018. Paperback x+341 pages. New.


Queer Magic: Power Beyond Boundaries - Harrington, Kulystin (eds)