This is a welcome book, which fills a unique niche no other book does: it examines each of the 78 cards of the tarot, unpacking the traditional meanings, but then unpacking how that meaning may apply in the lives of people who are LGBTQI+.

          To give one example. Stone looks at the Chariot card, whose basic meaning is strong-willed drive careering through a situation: she considers that when it appears in the reading of a trans person, it may refer to the great force they use in undertaking their transition, as they have to  push through social and medical barriers. The force of the Chariot is not needed by a cis person simply to live as their true self.  

      Throughout, Snow makes observations with an insight and understanding that is impressive: Treadwell's recommends this book highly, including to people who have been reading the cards for years, as well as to newer students who are themselves queer. For people starting out, we suggest pairing it with Anthony Louis, Tarot Plain and Simple.

Newburyport: Weiser, 2019. 205 pages, paperback. New.

Queering the Tarot - Cassandra Snow