This richly-illustrated book is an excelllent guide to the Marseille tarot. The Marseille was a 17th-century mass-produced family of decks which remains popular across continental Europe to this day. The authors provide a concise history of tarot, then dive straight into the symbolism of the Marseille images. They provide complete interpretations for each of the cards - both upright and inverted - their sequencing, numerology and some simple divinatory spreads. In addition, they give notes on interpreting the postures adopted by the figures in the cards. This is a recommended work for anyone interested in the history of the tarot, and makes an excellent companion to the purchase of a Marseille deck.

Torino: Lo Scarabeo, 2018. Hardback, 176 pages. New.


Reading and Understanding the Marseille Tarot - Morsucci & Aloi