The explosively popular new occult-literary-art zine  landed a few months ago and instantly enchanged the UK's loose network of Hooklanders, psychogeographers and bookish witches. It sold out faster than you can say 'acid renaissance'.  A creation of Paul Watson of Lazarus Corporation, it's been reprinted and we are proud to stock it online. Here are the contents (hold your hats!)

Folk Horror in the Age of Ecological Breakdown - L.B. Limbrey

Bodies of Water - short fiction by Sylvia Warren

Acid Renaissance: Albion's True Standard Advanced by Paul Watson

Cunning Country by Emily Banting - short fiction by David Southwell, with art by Maria Strutz

Cathexis - an essay on anomalous experience by Tim Dedopoulos

Cthulhu Madness by Phil Hine, with art by Maria Strutz

Demon's Mistress.. Monstrous Feminine - Maria J. Perez Cuervo

Vine Press - Justin Hopper


Rituals and Declarations Zine - One