The third issue of this enticing folk-occult-literary-art zine has come out, in August 2020.  There are essays and articles, short fiction and art. The land and landscape are haunted, and the holloways of England are heavy with summer leaves. Editor Paul Watson invites us down the path with:

Temple of Flora - short fiction by L B Limbrey

- Lost Tomb of King Arwald by Roger Limbrey

- Covid Eve in the Northern Counties by Dee Dee Chainey

- Acid Renaissance by Paul Watson

- Playing Weird... on video games,  by George Parr

- folklore of Frau Perchta by Sooxanne

- Eostre - short fiction by Tracy Fahey

- Rituals with the Ajarns of Thai Lanna Buddhism by Sheer Zed

-Reflections of a Pagan Zine Editor by Phil Hine

- Includo - short fiction by Sylvia Warren

- Cunning County by Emily Banting - fiction by David Southwell, art by Maria Strutz


Rituals and Declarations is a creation of Lazarus Corporation in Brighton. 

Rituals and Declarations Zine - Three