Issue Two of the occult-literary-art zine came out in the first wave of the Covid Lockdown of 2020, but even so it managed to make waves among Britain's underground occult literati. This issue contains great writing by many wonderful people. 


A Thousand Furrows Deep - fortunetelling with horse brasses by Natasha Kindred

Old English Remedies - interview with Sinead Spearing by Madeleine Boyne

Acid Renaissance Update - Paul Watson

The Maggie Wall witchcraft monument in the Scottish Landscape - Allyson Shaw

Finn of the Islunds  - Fiction by Jamie Delano

The Burryman of South Queensferry - Grey Malkin

Cuckoo - fiction by Sylvia Warren

Living with Nature in the modern world - L.B. Limbrey

Cunning Country by Emily Banting - fiction by David Southwell, art by Maria Strutz

Masquerade - fiction by Katie Hawes


It's produced by Paul Watson of Lazarus Corporation. It went out of stock but has been reprinted and we are proud to stock it online.


Rituals and Declarations Zine - Two