Salem - Damien Echols et al. [Art, Witchcraft]


Large format art book, headed by Damien Echols SALEM was produced out of a three-man show by Damien Echols, David Stoupakis, and menton3 held in 2016 at CoproGallery in Santa Monica, California. Named for the Salem witch trials, it explores magic, witchcraft, possibility and mystery. The book features pieces from the show together with discussions of them, as well as storiesarising from the Salem witch trials. It was funded by a Kickstarter campaign.  Samples of the art.


The creators wrote of it thus: 'In ancient times, witchcraft was known as the craft of the wise. Witches and magicians were revered for their abilities to help with healing the sick, and to commune with the spirits of the land itself. But eventually, a new spirituality rose to take its place: Puritanism. The old ways of witchcraft and Magick were seen as a threat to those of a more Puritanical mindset. Things that were once considered holy to the older gods were now considered blasphemy to the new deity, at least in the view of the Puritans. Magick must be eradicated at all costs, and any who were even suspected of practicing it must be destroyed.This body of work is designed to be a vehicle to bring Magick and beauty to the world from the ashes of horror and tragedy. Salem holds deep meaning for us all, as both historical fact and as a reminder that it's possible for meaning to come from madness, that the tree of magick can take root and flourish in even the most hostile ground. With this project, we pay tribute to all that was and all that is - Salem.'


USA: The Hand Art Collective, 2016. Hardback. New. 


Salem. [Damien Echols] The Hand Art Collective. 2016. Special edition, limited run. Original publisher's black boards. Internally clean and lavishly and copiously illustrated. Striking red decoration to front and back boards, edges gilded red. Collected from the 2016 Copro Gallery exhibition in Santa Monica.



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